Session : 2020-2021
Subject: Information & Guidelines for students and guardians.
Dear Guardians,
1.Last online class for Session: 2019-2020 is on Thursday 25 June 2020
2.Students will be given AUTO PROMOTION for this Session (2019-2020).
3.Sections for students will be same for Session: 2020 - 2021.
4.School will reopen for the New Session: 2020-2021 from Sunday, 12 July 2020.
5.Last date of enrollment is on Thursday , 9 July 2020.
6.Guardians need to pay only the Tuition Fee of July 2020 to get enrollment for the New Session: 2020-2021.
7.No Admission Fee or increment on Tuition Fee for Session: 2020-2021.
8.If all schools are open in July then classes will resume from Sunday 12 July 2020 as usual.
9.But If all schools are closed due to COVID 19 in July 2020 , then New Session ( 2020-2021) will start with online video classes.

10.Routine , syllabus, worksheets & textbooks soft copies will be provided by school.